Meet the Cook for Good team

Our team are a committed bunch, who share a love of food and a determination to use it to change lives for the better. We’re mainly based at the community kitchen, so please pop in and say hello if you’re passing by.

The Cook For Good Chefs

We have a brilliant team of chefs, who facilitate our community and corporate events

Robinne Collie Headshot

Robinne Collie


Robinne has spent more than 15 years in the kitchen (metaphorically, that is), running a cooking-focused teambuilding and events business, and teaching kitchen skills to client groups of all shapes and sizes. She tackled the pandemic in true foodie style by running a soup kitchen, which supported 40 families. Robinne has been known to whip up a four course meal in the time it takes to watch an episode of Masterchef.

​Secret cooking tip

“Avocado goes black once it’s been cut. So to keep homemade guacamole green for up to 24 hours, just pop it in a jam jar, smooth off the top with the back of a spoon, then pour a thin layer of water on the top and put the lid on.”

Favourite meal

“I enjoy putting unusual ingredients together; the odder they sound, the better they taste. Marmite and avocado on sourdough is my go-to lunch. I also love coriander, even though it tastes a bit like dishwasher liquid (check it out, it’s true).”

Karen Mattison Headshot

Karen Mattison


Karen set up Timewise and Women Like Us, two award-winning social enterprises focused on opening up opportunities for all through part-time and flexible working. She loves all things foodie, especially kitchen gadgets, and shares her favourite recipes with anyone who will listen. Karen responded to the pandemic by creating a chicken soup delivery service for anyone with symptoms, secretly believing that it has medicinal properties.

​Secret cooking tip

“An electric pressure cooker is a brilliant timesaver; it will cook a whole meal in one pot. From simple soups to more complex dishes like pasta and paella, you’ll get all the flavour with much less hassle and virtually no washing up.”

Favourite meal

“Hardest question ever…and one I think about A LOT. It would have to be either an ultimate cheese toastie – two types of cheese, onion, chutney, mayo, tomato – or a Thai inspired salad with tons of coriander and sesame dressing.”

Martha Ahmet Headshot

Martha Ahmet

Community Coordinator

Prior to joining Cook for Good, Martha worked for Women Like Us and Timewise. She spent 10 years as an Islington-based employability coach, providing information and guidance to help lone mothers back into work. Born in Spain, she moved to the UK aged eight, but has never lost her passion for her native food; as well as teaching her children to speak the Spanish language, she also encouraged them to learn how to cook Spanish-style.

​Secret cooking tip

“Like all Spaniards, I believe a drop of wine improves the flavour of pretty much every savoury dish you could think of. (I mean adding it into the cooking, not drinking it, though I’ve been known to do both).”

Favourite meal

“There’s nothing like a marisco, a traditional Spanish seafood platter including oysters, clams, prawns and calamari. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and bring the sea to your mouth.”

Wendy Gomeze Headshot

Wendy Gomeze

Business Operations Manager

Wendy is an experienced PA and office manager who has kept plates spinning and systems running across a range of sectors, including advertising, utilities and phone tech. Her first role in the food sector was as a teenager, in her local bakery, an experience which has left her with a deep-rooted love of custard in all its forms. She is known for her legendary spicy dip recipe, which she will share with you if you ask nicely.

​Secret cooking tip

“Chorizo goes with everything; I’ve yet to find a meal it can’t improve. I like to sneak it into the bottom of the roasting tin when I’m cooking Sunday lunch; it really enhances the flavour and crisps up a treat.”

Favourite meal

“It’s a toss-up between my husband’s chicken curry and an apple crumble with (of course) custard. So ideally, I’d go for a two-course meal that includes them both.”

Cathy Halstead Headshot

Cathy Halstead

Communications Manager

Cathy is an experienced copywriter and comms manager, with 15 years experience of finding the right words for companies of all shapes and sizes. She also co-founded a community school to address a lack of non-selective provision in her local area. Cathy’s children are brutally clear that she isn’t as good a cook as her husband, so she’s hoping to pick up some new tips and recipes from the Cook for Good team.

​Secret cooking tip

“I recently discovered ketjap manis (not to be confused with ketchup). It’s a sweet soy sauce that adds a fantastic flavour to pan-Asian rice and noodle dishes, and makes people think I’m a better cook than I actually am.”

Favourite meal

“I love anything with a sweet and sour combo, such as fruit in a salad or mango chutney with my curry. And I would eat a chicken Nasi Goreng for dinner every single day if I was allowed to (unfortunately I'm not).”

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