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Partnerships that deliver lasting social impact

Many organisations are now looking to deliver practical social impact, in a hands-on, hyperlocal way. And employees who can pick and choose are increasingly keen to work for companies whose values align with their own. A partnership with Cook for Good will deliver on both.

We offer a range of partnership options, allowing you to choose a level of commitment that works for your organisation and your team. This could be an annual package, with an agreed number of events per year, sponsorship of community cooking classes, or funding of an employability programme.

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We are delighted to be able to partner with Cook for Good on this incredible initiative, helping to fight food and health poverty and social isolation in Central London.
Shark Ninja

We can also work with you to create a bespoke partnership that matches your specific goals or plays to your organisation’s particular strength. For example, we have been working with a cooking equipment provider to run cooking demonstrations and a soup café for our Pantry members.

If you share our passion for cooking and communities and would like to explore our partnership options, please get in touch.

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A group of colleagues cooking meals at a team building awayday in London